Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I never knew my birth father. But Bruce is my Dad now. And Susan my Mom. Bruce is making a special dinner for his children today: Pork Loin with Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Sweet Potato Fries, Collard/Kale/Mustard Green Melody (I just LOVE that word-Melody! Saying it aloud makes me so Happy!!!), Salmon Fritters (YUM!)and Garlic Bread. Susan is making a chocolate cake! She is in the kitchen now. Bruce woke up early and made a meatloaf to bring over to Susan's mom's house for lunch! He is meditating now. I know he misses his Dad. Fred. He passed away a few years ago. He was in the hospital recovering from knee surgery and had a heart-attack in the middle of the night. But he lives on in Bruce's heart and soul. Here is a photo to honor him today; it is about what Fred taught everyone he encountered through his perfect example: Follow your Heart everywhere you go, Let the Beauty within you be the Beauty you show, Let your song Soar freely and your Spirit flow:

Bruce's children are young adults. Danielle is a Physical Therapist. Daryl is an Engineering student. Bruce is so proud of his children. They are happy, healthy, intelligent, loving. And funny, too. Bruce says his greatest Father's Day gift is to be blessed with two wonderful children (And blessed with me, too; of course!).

Happy Father's Day. And to all you single Moms out there.Happy Day to you, too. Here is a pretty flower for each and everyone of you. God Bless!

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