Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Cat Nadine THE SpokesCat

The phone is ringing but I can’t answer it. I am busy updating my Blog. I am so excited to share with you news about a contest that starts on Monday, July, 13 (btw: The 13th is Daryl’s birthday! Bruce’s son.).

Bruce is out photographing nature. Susan is in the kitchen making soap. She’s not called “Soap Susan” for nothing! I am tap, tap, tapping (Or is this paw, paw, pawing?) at the computer keyboard.

Could you use an extra $100? Of course, you could!

Bruce’s friends Leslie Carothers, Jessica Koster and Leslie Newby (on behalf of BiOH polyols, whose soy-based ingredients replace a portion of petroleum-based materials traditionally used in foam) are launching a very cool video campaign on Monday. It will run for two weeks. The person (Maybe cat, too!) with the most insightful comment of the day, on the actual video itself, will win $100. It’s a Video Commenting Contest!

WOW! I can do that! Even me, The Cat Nadine, could use $100.

Bruce says the videos are about eco-friendly furniture and mattresses and offer me a behind the scenes peak at the new eco-friendly furniture lines that are coming out as told to us by furniture industry CEO’s, many of whom have cats, too! Do I hear play date?

As Bruce says, It’s All About Soy Love. Working for a higher purpose; helping families make better choices; foam is yet to be completely green but it is greener as it is made with some soy vs all oil. Meow! Makes me want to lie down and nap!

But, wait, there’s more!

The collective impact you and I (Yes, even The Cat Nadine!) can have on educating people about foams made with soy and the positive impact on our environment is huge. And you all know how important the environment is to me. I am green. And I love to nap on comfy, enviro-friendly furniture and sleep on mattresses that are good for Bruce and Susan; they wake up in much better moods that way. I wonder if soy tastes as good as catnip? Hmmmmm. Bruce? Susan?

My fellow cats, and friends, can you imagine how good it will make us feel to know that we are making better choices for our families and our futures? Close your eyes and imagine. Please. Try it. AH! And then imagine covering the furniture in TORAY Ultrasuede, which is a VERY cat-friendly AND eco-friendly fabric. Can it get any better than this? Well, only if I am outside eating grass, I suppose.

And there’s still more! On Wednesday we’ll get to see a video of the ever-charming Julia Rosien of NaturaWorld being, well, cat-like, Nadine-like, purring and promoting the best mattresses on the market. I can’t wait to curl up at her feet! WOW! And MEOW!

I got to get Bruce and Susan to watch this with me!

And you, too!

Starting Monday, July 13th, let’s all tune in to experiencebioh each and every day for the next two weeks and comment. I want to win a $100.00 EVERY DAY; Bruce and Susan could take me for a nice little vacation if they won $2000.00. But where? Any suggestion?

Come play with me; unless, of course, the cat's got your tongue!


  1. Hi beauty!

    i love catip loads!carlota has it in a glass bottle so i cant open the f******botle so when she gives it to me i get so spreading and extendingfull : i roll on the eating table and she starts cleaning it to me have space for my trip ...hahah she says she made a catnip tea nd she slept wonderfuly but when she repeated it just did nothing ...hahahha umans ..are so cat i know what i want just in the moment and it works my mentality is born 'green' u everything i do is natural...!!
    So daryl , your oncle is going to be 24 ?
    and yo beauty how old are you? cause i'll have also my birthdy the 15th july: i'm going to be a two years old cat!!


  2. This sounds like a very interesting contest. Thank you for telling us about it.