Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good News

Bruce has not yet told all his many friends about his new and exciting job so let's just keep this a secret between you and me.

Kolo, the leading and affordable luxury brand of archival photo presentation products, used by artists, photographers and other creative professionals the world over, has named Bruce as a new sales executive at the company.

Bruce will be responsible for developing new B2B business throughout the United States and serving Kolo select retail customers in New England and New York City.

“I am honored to be associated with such an innovative company,” Bruce said to me. “I look forward to combining my art history degree and sales and marketing experience toward helping businesses find creative ways to use Kolo products as employee and customer gifts or promotional items, assisting in the development of unique promotions, and educating people on the value of Kolo products as the way to help tell stories, in the store and in the boardroom.”

As most of you know, Bruce is a professional photographer specializing in portraiture and nature photography. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions. A book of his photographs of Times Square, “Famous People Famous Places, Images of a Forgotten Times Square,” with an introduction by the writer Luc Sante, will be published this autumn.

Did you know Bruce recently owned an art gallery devoted to showcasing the work of young women photographers from around the world and has also worked in the printing and publishing industries? I'm sure you know he's a gourmet cook! And his fiancée, Susan, is famous soap maker!

I think Bruce brings a wealth of creative sales and marketing experience to Kolo. Plus, his work as a professional photographer--his love of art and photography, his creative instincts and his positive spirit are credentials that will help bring Kolo customers success in their businesses.

Bruce mentioned to me how Nautica used a Kolo book as an in-store promotion. How cool! And hotels and interior designers are keen to the Havana Photo Box from Kolo.

I am so happy for Bruce. What could be a better team than Bruce and Kolo!

Here's a photo of me contemplating my very own Noci from Kolo.

As they say at Kolo: "What’s your story?"


  1. That is really good news...we won't tell Bruce that we've heard it at all.

  2. Hey, Nadine! We're keeping Bruce's secret. How is everything going??