Saturday, October 9, 2010

When I'm 64


I am 64--in cat years.

I can't believe it.

Well, I have my health; the vet called from The Cat Hospital and said I am A OK.

And I have LOVE!

Bruce says All You Need Is Love.

Today is John Lennon's birthday. He would have been 70. It makes me sad to think he is not with us anymore.

Bruce is playing John Lennon's music today.



  1. I love you Nadine! I'm so glad you have a clean bill of health :)

  2. Love this Nadine! and, seriously this very moment, I'm listening to Imagine too... ahh I miss his music.. but what a legacy of peace, love & fantastic tunes!
    FYI: I had a cat, Sugar, who lived to be 24. the vet said in cat years... she's already dead. pretty funny!
    Heidi & Atticus

  3. Happy to hear you're in good health my little furry one. Think of you often! So glad you have Bruce to love and take care of you. He makes a great dad. =)